Baby Scale Calibration Procedures

  1. Sanitize the calibrating and repair area, freeing the table of any dirt or stray chemicals.

  2. Set up and calibrate (on site/mail in) with weights that are traceable to NIST. Allow twenty minutes for scale to sit after turning on.

  3. Remove five screws from underneath scale. This will allow you to access the control panel.

  4. Open the housing of the display and then press the "ON" button.

  5. Using a metal screw touch the "TEST PIN", the range is 500-3500 count.

  6. Press the "ON" key again. The display will automatically show ZERO.

  7. Place a 20kg weight on the scale. Display will show span count (1250 - 3750 counter).

  8. Press the "ON" key again. It will show "Cal". Immediately following it will show 20.00kg.

  9. All readings to be documented.


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