Microscope Cleaning & Servicing Procedures

  1. Sanitize the calibrating and repair area, freeing the table of any dirt or stray chemicals.

  2. Remove the objectives by unscrewing them. The front lens is to be cleaned using cotton swabs dampend by alcohol. Start in the middle of the lens and make circular motions until you reach the outside of the lens. (make sure not to press to firmly on the lens) Once completed, examine the lens with a magnifier ensuring all dirt is removed. If dirt on the lens is water based, dip swab in window cleaner and repeat cleaning.

  3. Replace each objective. Never over tighten.

  4. Remove the slide holder by unscrewing the thumbscrews that hold it on and wipe the stage with a wipe dipped in alcohol. Once this is done repeat with window cleaner. Clean the back of the slide holder and replace the slide holder and tighten the screws. Do not over tighten.

  5. To clean the top of the condenser use a cotton swab and alcohol.

  6. To clean the eyepiece use a cotton swab and window cleaner.

  7. Use a wipe and window cleaner to wipe and clean the in-base lens.

  8. All findings to be documented.

**More services are provided. Please call a technician for further questions**


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