Pipette Procedures

  1. Sanitize the calibrating and repair area freeing the table of any dirt or stray chemicals.

  2. Set-up and calibrate (on site/mail in) with weights that are traceable to the NIST, the Analytical Balance that is certified by Mettler Toledo. Allow twenty or thirty minutes for the balance to warm up to operating temperature.

  3. Each pipette is disassembled and thoroughly inspected and cleaned. Pipettes will be checked for broken seals, frayed o-rings, and any parts that need replacing or extra care.

  4. All pipettes that are calibrated and serviced will be logged using the serial number located on each pipette, or a number given by the lab.

  5. Check each pipette at the high and low levels. At least three measurements will be taken per level and documented. Additional measurements can be taken per lab's request.

  6. Once the pipette is calibrated, a service calibration sticker will be placed on the instrument stating the month of calibration, the month the next calibration is due, and a contact phone number should any unlikely problems arise.

    *If the pipette is deemed un-repairable a "Out of Calibration" sticker will be placed on the instrument.

  7. All documents will be given to the lab manager for payment and records once all pipettes are completed.


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